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Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116
78467 Constance, DE
+49 7531 92 84 361

Home Office Standing Desks

Sustainable, trendy, practical and affordable. Home office standing desks are the best alternative to conventional standing desks and fit into any living room or office. These standing desks are inherently stable, made of reinforced cardboard and can be moved around as desired.

Stability and material

Standing desks are made of reinforced cardboard and available in two different sizes. They’re blank and can also be coloured or painted by hand if desired.

Home office standing desks in action

The number of people working from home is on the rise, making it more important than ever for their home office to be a pleasant, comfortable place to work. This standing desk fits in every living room or office and can be moved from one room to the other with ease.