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Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116
78467 Constance, DE
+49 7531 92 84 361

Children's Furniture made of Honeycomb Cardboard

Flyerline offers five different sets of kids’ furniture made of sturdy honeycomb cardboard. These furniture sets always consist of one small table and two small chairs. The sets are delivered flat-packed and assembly is child’s play with the enclosed instructions.

Stability and material

This kids’ furniture is made of robust, lightweight honeycomb cardboard and can be used several times. It’s produced in a sustainable process and can be recycled after use. Our professional Product Development department also creates bespoke furniture according to your specifications. Contact our Customer Centre so we can discuss your specific needs.

Kids’ furniture in action

These kids’ furniture sets make an excellent alternative to conventional furniture and can be used flexibly in kids’ rooms, playrooms, nurseries, kindergartens and waiting rooms. The white honeycomb cardboard gives kids a creative way to spend their time as they transform each piece of furniture into a unique piece of art with coloured pencils, crayons and markers.