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Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116
78467 Constance, DE
+49 7531 92 84 361

All-weather Posters

Advertising that gets noticed and remembered! Our All-weather Posters are perfect for long-term outdoor communications since they’re made of an extremely weather-resistant material that can easily withstand the effects of sun, wind, rain and snow. At Flyerline, you’ll find these posters in many different formats and three different models.

High-quality, weather-resistant material

All-Weather Posters are made of 3 mm thick corrugated plastic boards with a grammage of 600 g/m2. Whether they’re made of recycled or virgin material is entirely up to you, although it should be mentioned that the recycled material has a white front suitable for printing and a grey back side that is unprintable.

Corrugated plastic posters come with 6 – 10 punched holes so the posters can be easily hung up with zip ties or similar fasteners.

Our All-Weather Poster® – for a huge promotional impact and a wide range of uses!

Use our All-weather Poster® to raise your customers’ awareness of your ads. They’re highly effective in many different situations:

  • General outdoor advertising
  • Outdoor advertising in regions with winter sports and along busy streets
  • Campaign advertising and referendums
  • Parking space advertising
  • Signs on buildings (for sale / for rent)
  • General signs
  • Exhibitions
  • POS advertising