Trade Fair Booths (Kopie)

Honeycomb cardboard trade fair booths - individual, flexible and incomparably economical

With its new standardised trade fair booths, Flyerline presents an impressively modular system that offers sensationally good value for money, easy assembly and disassembly while also being reusable without any loss of quality.

Anybody looking for an economical yet premium, innovative and 100% individual trade fair booth will find just what they need at Flyerline. The nine standard models can be adapted to fit all booth sizes and can be paired with matching honeycomb cardboard furniture.

The Flyerline trade fair system is made up of six basic modules that can be combined as desired. That means you have the option of expanding your existing booth to meet changing needs or designing your own individual booth outside of the standard product range.

Choose between two versions of this material: Traditional honeycomb cardboard or the B1 version which is flame retardant.

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Safe storage and transport

Trade fair booths are delivered in a premium transport box with rollers. This box allows you to safely transport the individual elements and securely stow them away until their next use.


See for yourself:

Flyerline's trade fair system couldn't be easier!