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Our commitment to social responsibility

Economic success and social responsibility are two goals of Flyerline Schweiz AG which are inseparably linked.

Flyerline offers its staff above-average working conditions: state-of-the-art workstations, many opportunities for professional development through training and further education plus decent pay. The "Flyerline-Stifti", Flyerline's job rotation programme, ensures broad expertise plus better understanding and greater respect among colleagues. Kununu, the online employer review site, awarded Flyerline its "Top Company" seal of approval.

The operations of Flyerline's suppliers must also be founded on the principles of social responsibility. To this end, a mandatory Code of Conduct was drawn up. However if suppliers fail to comply with the conditions of the code, the business relationship is not simply terminated. Flyerline places great importance on taking any steps necessary to improve the situation in question.

And when it comes to producing printed materials, preference is given to environmentally friendly papers. FSC® certification guarantees our customers that our printed materials meet the strict criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Flyerline offers its customers the option of using the FSC® logo on their printed materials to openly proclaim their commitment to the environment vis-à-vis clients and partners.

Flyerline is also involved in social projects outside its actual value chain:

For several years now, Flyerline has supported Heimetli, a socio-pedagogical children's shelter located near the company's headquarters in Altnau. Here, for the duration of their stay, children and youths in difficult situations receive targeted social-pedagogical assistance and care from dedicated caregivers in an environment where they are made to feel safe and secure. With Flyerline's help, this shelter's committed management can offer holidays and excursions to these children to give them some unforgettable experiences.


The relationship between Flyerline and Peter Löhmann, founder and promoter of the Magic Comedy Festival Switzerland, is more than just business. His "Magic Moments – Give the Gift of Laughter" project is making lasting improvements in the living conditions of around 650 children in Deschapelles, Haiti, by granting them access to clean drinking water and improved sanitary conditions. Other long-term measures like the construction of a school building are already being planned. Flyerline not only provides Magic Moments with financial support, it also helps promote the project and secure its financing by designing and producing advertising materials.

Letting seriously ill patients forget their suffering for at least a short time is a task both wonderful and difficult. Because of that, Flyerline supports the patented Gesundheit!Clown® training concept offered by the Tamala Clown Akademie. A documentary entitled "Du wirst nicht der Gleiche sein…" (You'll never be the same again..) by Michael Klinksik and Hubl Greiner shows just how spectacular the training course is. These two film makers followed students and teachers with their cameras for two years. The film's climax is the clowns' first encounter with patients at the clinic. Students meet people who are seriously ill, disabled, suffering from dementia and dying. They come face-to-face with children who have cancer and need to communicate with people who react either dismissively or aggressively.