Fast, simple and professional: Set up your own online print shop with Flyerline


Flyerline offers you a professional online shop, either as an open or closed system, in your own corporate design that requires no time-consuming preparations or costly programming.

Your customers and staff can edit, personalise and order products and documents at any time, day or night, and from anywhere in the world. Not only is navigating the user interface both easy and intuitive, but it also comes complete with an integrated shopping cart, payment processing feature and options for a variety of shipping methods.

The shops are set up on the Flyerline system and adapted to suit either your needs or those of your customers. To use the system, they merely need access to the Internet.

All shops are automatically optimised on mobile devices. 

Customised closed shops

For anybody looking for an in-house solution, a closed shop offers an economical way of organising the quick, location-independent procurement of printed materials and management of inventory items.

These shops are only available to a closed group of users. Access rights are controlled by means of individually defined authorisation levels. Even product selection, configuration and release processes, inventory management, order processing and all logistics processes are customised to meet your individual needs. It also offers empty spaces which can be used for allocating cost centre numbers or other information as needed.

Flyerline's shop system offers the full range of tools and functions needed to edit and order CI-compliant documents. This system even makes variable data printing a piece of cake. Simply select a product, then upload a list of recipients to effortlessly create personalised mailings or business cards with dynamic data.

The preview function displays the edited print design to let you perform a final check; three-dimensional products like packaging or displays are even shown in 3D.

What's more, the system permits CRM systems and workflow management software to be integrated in accordance with your specifications.


Professional open shops

Flyerline's shop systems let you launch your own online print shop without the need for complicated technology or costly programming. Flyerline's specialists load your products into the system, add product information, images and videos in accordance with your specifications and set up your payment and shipping methods.

Your customers will be able to intuitively navigate your product range and edit, personalise and order dynamic print products or purchase inventory items. Feedback and contact forms, watchlists, an integrated search function as well as a well-structured customer account ensure that the customer has a modern shopping experience.

Does your online shop need to be available in multiple countries? No problem! The Flyerline system can be set up in multiple languages and permits a variety of different currencies and tax rates.

All included. As the owner of the shop, you also benefit from a voucher and discount system, the cross-selling function for similar or complementary products as well as an integrated newsletter tool that allows you to communicate with your customers. An extensive statistical and analytical tool makes optimising your shop much easier and shows you precisely how many customers visit your shop, where they come from and what they are looking for.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Open and closed shops available
  • Browser-based application, no software needed
  • Customised shop designs possible, including a dedicated domain
  • Responsive design for use on all mobile devices
  • System optimised for search engines
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
  • Integrated payment options and shipping methods as well as shipment to multiple delivery addresses
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Multilingual shop system with different currencies and tax rates
  • Document-specific, user-defined release and order processes
  • Easy-to-use inventory and order management
  • Extensive statistical and analytical tool
  • Newsletter tool
  • Discount and voucher system
  • Reliable hosting, free system updates
  • Telephone support provided by our experts