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Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
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All-weather Poster®

The original from Flyerline Schweiz AG

Standard format All-weather Posters® from Flyerline are the perfect advertising medium for long-term advertising campaigns, like during an election campaign, and are particularly ideal for recurring use. Their brilliant printed image, light weight and extreme stability are sure to impress. These durable posters are capable of withstanding any weather conditions including sun, wind, rain and snow. In fact, the vivid colours still look fresh even after several weeks of use, meaning that they retain every bit of their original promotional impact.

  • Various formats (also large formats)
  • These posters are printed in 4 colours (CMYK)
  • Printed on 1 or 2 sides, depending on the format
  • Available in print runs starting at 1 copy

Do you need zip ties to hang up your All-weather Posters®? Use our zip ties to fasten your All-weather Posters® on street lamps, fences and posts in a flash.

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All-weather Posters® – a wide range of uses

Our All-weather Posters® can be put to many uses – the possibilities are nearly endless. The robust material makes it a sustainable and durable advertising medium that is particularly suited to longer-term campaigns. Some possible ways to use this versatile advertising medium to promote your products and services:

  • Posters for elections and referendums (election campaign advertising)
  • Parking space advertising
  • Outdoor advertising in regions with winter sports
  • Trade fairs
  • POS advertising
  • Outdoor advertising along busy streets


All-weather Posters® are available in the following formats: DIN A1 (594 x 840 mm), DIN A0 (840 x 1188 mm), B1 (700 x 1000 mm),  F4 (895 x 1280 mm) and XL format (1400 x 600 mm). To order formats other than these, please contact our Customer Centre. We would be happy to prepare a customised offer for you.

Number of pages

All-weather Posters® can always be printed on either one side or two, regardless of the format.

Here in our online shop, however, the standard settings only let you choose between one-sided and two-sided printing for the DIN A1 format. This is due to the fact that we developed our patented frame systems specifically for this format, which makes two-sided printing especially worthwhile for this size in particular. Since these frame systems are only available in DIN A1 format, the other formats can only be ordered with one-sided printing.

However, if you want two-sided printing for one of the other formats, namely DIN A0, B1, F4 or XL, please contact our Customer Centre.


Flyerline prints using the CMYK 4-colour model for printing (also referred to as Euroscale). Any spot or RGB colours contained in the files will be converted to CMYK.

Made of high-quality and sustainable material

Each All-weather Poster® is produced using 3 mm corrugated plastic. All-weather Posters® come equipped with 6 to 10 punched holes to ensure that they can easily be individually installed on streetlights, fences, gates, masts, etc.

All-weather Posters® in  DIN A1 format come with pre-punched holes for assembly, making it easy to insert them in Flyerline’s specially developed, patented frame systems.

Print runs

All-weather Posters® can be ordered in print runs of any size, from just one copy up to large-scale runs. If you’re interested in print runs other than those listed, please contact our Customer Centre.