FAQ (Kopie)

Do I need to sign in?

Yes, because it results in many advantages. The order process is more comfortable and safe and you can also revert to former orders.

What does 4/0 respectively 4/4 mean?

4/0 colored means: one-sided four color (full color) printing
4/4 colored means: both sides four color (full color) printing

Can I also send office files?

Yes. But office files cannot be printed. That’s why we charge a handling fee of 25.- CHF per file.

What does CMYK mean?

Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are the basic colors of subtractive color reproduction. Black (K) has to be added because the basic colors do not produce a pure black. CMYK ist the necessary color space used in printing. Flyerline converts all printing copies in CMYK mode.

My files are in RGB mode only. Does it work?

Yes. We convert this files in CMYK mode. This causes changes in colors, especially with very bright ones, because we don’t know the original colors and RGB files look different on each screen.

What does bleed mean?

A bleed is the area which is over and above the style format. This is required, because the press machines operate with a certain tolerance and paper can change during the printing process. Please add a 3mm bleed to each side.

What's the difference between offset and digital printing?

Digital printing
The characteristic of digital printing is the exposure of each side, so that each successive print can be different. This is particularly interesting for variable data sets (f.e. personalised mailings) or limited circulations.

Offset printing
Offset printing is the classic printing method. Exposed plates print with high speed each sheet of paper in the exactly same way.

Is flyerline also designing?

No. Flyerline is indeed more than a printing company, but definitely no graphic agency. Of course we help you to make your document a printable copy.

Can I get an "approval to print"?

Yes. By request we will be pleased to send you an „approval to print“. We kindly ask you to note this in your order form.
Basically, you can choose between two types:

PDF per e-mail: for free.
Proof by post: Depending on print format between 39.- and 49.- CHF.

Delivery times?

According to the product, delivery times are different. Basically, we are always endeavoured to produce and deliver your printed matters as soon as possible. Normally we need 2-5 working days. Products with the possibility to deliver express are marked in the shop.

Is bundling possible?

Basically, we bundle every kind of flyers, broadsides and postcards by default but not counted. If you are interested in a special bundling or sorting, please note this in your order form. Your person in charge will inform you about the additional costs.

Can I select various motifs within the selected print run?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. You are ordering an independent product, for which the data handling and the plate exposure are charged. Should you, for example, order 5000 flyers, then these are produced in a so-called collective format. There, all flyers are “collected” with a print run of 5000 copies, the plate is exposed one time and then printed 5000 times. A change of motif would in this case mean the production of new printing plates.