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Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Flyerline Deutschland GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Strasse 116
78467 Constance, DE
+49 7531 99 17 00

Sticker - Mask compulsory here

Our range of coronavirus protection products includes stickers that state “Masks Compulsory Here” in all three national languages. These stickers can be placed wherever this rule applies: on the floor, doors, walls or other objects. The stickers are available in all three national languages.

Material used for stickers

These stickers – Masks Compulsory Here – are available in two sizes with diameters of 15 cm and 30 cm and are removable, meaning that you can take the stickers off without leaving behind any sticky residue.

Stickers with information about coronavirus safety precautions

“Masks Compulsory Here” stickers can be put wherever masks are required.